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Everything in life is a brand as it is unique but there are certain creativity required to make the brand stand out amongst other hosts of similar brands as unassailable.

It is this unassailable posture that most individuals, corporate organisations and products lack that make them objectionable or un-patronisable.

Africa as a continent has produced both of the mentioned but the preoccupation of this magazine would be to bring to the purview of the reader those that have these un-assailable postures for the knowledge,emulation and celebration of the people at large.

The African brands which includes corporate organizations, corporate products brands, individuals citizens, political organizations, states of the federation among a ghost of others may seemingly be in a quandary given the current situation of the world economy but given the words of experts in nation, nay continent builders, this is a part that must be threaded for any economy to find its bearings.

A lot has been said about Africa’s ailing economy but little has been said about the growing industry which it has been able to precipitate.

Many corporate individuals have been able to create corporate  and individual niches given the buildup  position after so many  the  fratricidal wars as well as neo-colonialism which the  the  continent has been through and still  remains the only challenge which it has been having.

The pressure is bearing down hard on all countries of the continent but there   has been a mass movement of the people giving rise to the springing up of companies that are ready to pay their dues through in the comittee of nations. They have risen to be individual stars in Africa’s eyes and the world’s at large.

Africa, the first dominant nation in the world, from creation has seen though, rough and thin but has not sucumbed to the supremacy of the current dominant nations, otherwise known as developed nations or first worlds.

The continent has been able to produce enterprising personalities who have risen to be international business moguls recognised as members of the world’s richest men club. So have some corporate organisations in the continent risen to be seen as international companies operating not only in the continent but everywhere and elsewhere in the world. These companies have come to be household names in the world.

What about the products of some of these companies which have gained acclaim as household products and those of the fledgling companies in the continent which have gained fame in the world markets?

So much can be said because this is no mean achievement.

It is based on this that the “African Brand” is born. It is born to exray and celebrate these achievements of Africans, both corporations and persons, who have raised the bar even to the so called developed worlds.

Our subsequent publications besides bring the people, products and organisations to the purview of the reader would seek to inform as well as educate the reader on the best way to achieve their goals as are doing the African Stars.

Join us as we go on the hunt for the African Brands.

By John Meze Despite the fact that Nigeria is passing through a turbulent time following
One: At all Material time , Innoson Nigeria Ltd operates a Current Account with GTBank

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